DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)

At Nannyplus Household Staff Ltd we firmly believe that childcare professionals serious about their status should undertake to have themselves verified by the DBS. This is something that any professional childcarer would see as a benefit to their professionalism towards working with children; it offers additional peace of mind to employers. Working with children requires an 'Enhanced' DBS Check. We have linked up with an organisation to facilitates these checks.

Benefits to Employers

Photo of nanny and babyThe main benefit of a disclosure is peace of mind in knowing that your employee has been deemed suitable to be in close contact with your children. There is also security in the knowledge that your employee has not been convicted of an offence of theft and therefore in theory your possessions and home should remain safe.

Click here for further details on DBS clearance or contact the agency.

Benefits to Candidates

Obtaining a disclosure will show that you are very serious about your choice of profession and therefore will be looked upon more favourably by potential employers.

Candidates from overseas

A UK disclosure can be obtained for any one who has been living in the UK for at least 6 months. Checks can also be obtained for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Candidates from other countries should check with their embassy.

DBS - More Information

Child's drawingThe Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) is an Executive Agency of the Home Office. It was set up by the government to allow wider access to information as regards an individuals criminal convictions and other officially held records. It was set up to help employers and organisations make more informed. Find out more...

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