The Nannyplus Code of Practice

All our candidates are required to complete a full application form, which includes:

  •  Personal details
  •  Experience and qualifications
  •  Employment history relevant to the position
  •  Whether the candidate has a criminal record
  •  Medical history

Nannyplus will:

  • Check the identity of all candidates against a relevant document such as driving licence, passport or birth certificate
  • Request and verify reasons for gaps in employment history
  • Inspect original certificates of qualifications
  • Interview all applicants in person. Interviews will be carried out by an experienced specialist, to determine suitability and to check the accuracy of all information supplied by the candidate
  • Speak to a minimum of 2 referees covering at least the last three years of work history - as a minimum.  We will take up all necessary work related references to cover this period
  • Only put forward candidates for positions for which we believe they appear to be suited due to their qualifications, experience and personality
  • Provide full and relevant information to both the prospective family and candidate before an interview
  • Respect the confidentiality of both families and candidates and to treat all dealings with the utmost professionalism and integrity

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