First Aid

Shocking survey results, recently published revealed that most parents would not know how to save their child's life in an emergency.

Photo of young boyThe national "Save a Life Survey" showed that a third of all parents have had to rush their child to hospital at some point. Despite this, the vast majority admitted that if their child started to choke, fell down the stairs or burned themselves, they would not have a clue about what to do.

The survey, carried out by Mother and Baby Magazine in association with supermarket chain Tesco and St John Ambulance, found that just 19% of the 2,000 parents interviewed, had been on a first aid course over the previous five years.

Therefore it is quite alarming that nine out of ten parents don't know basic first aid procedure that might save their child's life. Every parent and nanny should know what to do in an emergency. A fact of life is that children do have accidents and although most are thankfully minor it should be top priority to learn first aid

Accidents can happen! - check out the following statistics

Accident statistics

  • 500,000 need to go to casualty annually after accidents in the home - 76 die.
  • 125,000 are killed or injured in garden accidents.
  • 5,804 are injured in road accidents. 3,227 are injured as car passengers and 34 are killed on the roads.

For further information contact us on 01925 768188. We frequently run paediatric first aid, OFSTED compliant, courses.


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