Qualifications - what they mean

Diploma in Childcare and Education (formerly NNEB)

  • What the course involves:
    This is a two-year course covering the ages 0 - 7. It is probably the most recognised qualification and gives students knowledge of the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of different ages. Other subjects include first aid, learning how to interact with parents and other professionals in childcare. Practical placements are an integral part of the course.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    Once successfully completed the NNEB qualfication, the candidate is well qualified to start working in a nursery. NNEB's can also start working as a nanny although Nannyplus does strongly recommend that newly qualified NNEB's should work where there is an extensive element of parental guidance.

NAMCW (National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare)

  • What the course involves:
    Course includes both practical and theory childcare issues and incorporates a personal investigation into child development.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    A good qualification which allows the graduates to work in nurseries or as nannies.

NVQ's (National Vocational Qualifications)

  • What the course involves:
    Level 2: assessed in a range of competencies dealing with children's physical, emotional and social development.
    Level 3: assessed across 15 units including ability to work and care for children without supervision and management and support for parents and family.
    Level 4: assessed for the ability to run and develop a play area and supervise other staff.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    Level 2: qualified to begin a career in childcare, either in nursery or as a mother's help.
    Level 3: largely equivalent to an NNEB . Qualified to work as a nanny but some parental involvement and guidance is recommended for newly qualified candidates
    Level 4: qualified for all types of childcare careers.

CACHE (Certificate in Childcare)

  • What the course involves:
    14 different modules covering both theory and practical areas of childcare.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    Nannies who have a CACHE certificate are qualified to start their career in childcare and begin working with children.

ADCE (Advanced Diploma in Childcare Education)

  • What the course involves:
    Advanced course work dealing with special educational needs and with appraisal and training methods of childcare and education.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    People who have an ADCE diploma are qualified to do almost any job in childcare and the course is only open to experienced child carers. The manager of your local nursery will probably be run by someone with an ADCE diploma.

BTEC (National Diploma in Nursery Nursing)

  • What the course involves:
    Very similar to the NNEB although there is a slightly more intellectual curriculum. Childcare practice and development courses including human growth and learning activities. Practical community assignments also part of the curriculum.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    People with a BTEC diploma are qualified to work either in a nursery or to begin their career as a nanny. The BTEC diploma is well run although it has a slight emphasis on the academic, as opposed to the practical, side.

Norland, Princess Christian and Chiltern

  • What the course involves:
    These are private colleges, which also have their own nurseries for training on site. The courses are two years and are generally followed by a probation period of 6-9 months. Wide range of subjects covered and the students receive an NNEB and a health diploma.
  • What the qualification allows the STUDENT to do:
    Nannies from the private colleges are generally quite good. However a private college training is not a guarantee of success and it is just as important to carry out the background checks and references.

Ofsted Registration

Many of you may have read about the tax breaks that the Government introduced to assist with "approved" childcare, which includes nannies. If your nanny is registered with OFSTED you may be eligible for childcare vouchers or tax credits. Find out more...

Becoming an Employer

Childs drawingThere are a number of points to consider when employing a nanny or domestic worker. Please review information we have included here to help you understand the implications of becoming an employer. Find out more...

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