How to become an Ofsted Registered Nanny

The nanny must apply as a HOME CHILDCARER and NOT as a childcare provider on domestic premises which typically applies for childminders.

The registration process can take up to 12 weeks to be approved.

Once gained you should always keep a copy of your OFSTED certificate of approval – gaining a new copy takes time and is costly.

Who pays?

Typically the nanny commences the registration and is refunded by the employer as it is for the employer’s financial gain.

The application fee is £103 plus the cost of DBS. The £103 fee is renewable annually.

Public Liability Insurance circa £75 - £100

Paediatric First Aid – 12 hour; valid

Recognised Childcare professional qualification

Applying for Ofsted Registration

Apply via Ofsted's website or call 03001231231

For guidance go to Become a registered early years or childcare provider in England

Ofsted will write to the nanny and advise how to get identity checked, i.e. first aid, nanny insurance, proof of address (documents are checked at post office)

The letter will include details on how to:

  • Obtain an enhanced DBS disclosure through Ofsted (unless the nanny already holds a disclosure carried out by Ofsted within the past three years)
  • Get identity, the first aid qualification, insurance documentation and any other information Ofsted require checked. (Documentation is checked at the local post office)
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee

How does Ofsted determine if a nanny is suitable?

  • The completed application form will be scrutinised
  • DBS Check
  • If the nanny has lived abroad in the past 3 years, they need to declare the countries they have lived in – some countries have reciprocal arrangements to allow the criminal history to be checked. If this is not feasible, Ofsted will normally require the nanny to provide extra evidence of suitability, failure to do so my result in a failed application.

A nanny can be refused registration if he/she has been previously disqualified, or is deemed unsuitable, fails to pay the fee or lives with someone who is disqualified.

A nanny must inform Ofsted if she decides to stop the registration.

Next Steps

Once registered as certificate is issued and confirms that the nanny is registered to the VOLUNTARY part of the Childcare register, once registered the nanny must continue to meet the registration criteria and can be inspected at any time. If a complaint is received the nanny and setting will be inspected.

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First Aid

Child's drawingShocking survey results, recently published revealed that most parents would not know how to save their child's life in an emergency. Click here to find out about our paediatric and Ofsted compliant First Aid courses.

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